A Quick Way to Sign up for Type 1 Research

People with Type 1 can electronically sign up for the T1D Exchange Living BioBank to be considered for future studies.

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Ever wanted to participate in a Type 1 research study but didn’t know where to sign up for one? T1D Exchange hopes to streamline the screening process for diabetes research by creating a database of potential Type 1 study participants.

The organization has created a database called the Living BioBank, which allows potential study candidates to sign up to be considered for future studies. Interested candidates just have to answer a few questions via computer or smartphone.

Files of accepted applicants are kept on hand at the BioBank. Researchers from around the world are able to select from the data of thousands of people with Type 1 who are accepted into the BioBank. If a participant is selected to be part of a research study, he or she will be mailed a kit, which can be taken to a local lab for a blood drawing.

In an email correspondence with Insulin Nation, T1D Exchange BioBank representative Susan Horst said cutting down on the time it takes to recruit study participants will speed up the development of new treatments.

Anybody who is interested in participating can learn more here.



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