Apple’s Watch Has More Health-Related Snafus

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The gap between the health promises of Apple’s iWatch and what it can deliver continues to grow. Many have anticipated that Apple’s watch would include stress monitoring capability, an electrocardiogram, and a blood pressure monitor. According to a Fierce Medical Devices article, however, many of these monitoring services just aren’t working right.

The smartwatch apparently failed to accurately monitor these vital signs on the wrists of people with dry skin and hairy arms, according to the report. The overall tightness and fit of the watch also contributed to unreliable watch readings.

In a previous Insulin Nation article, we mentioned that Dexcom was developing an Apple Watch app that allows CGM data to be shared electronically; problems with the watch’s pulse-reading capability should not have any effect on this. People with diabetes also had originally hoped the watch would serve as a blood glucose monitor, but it seems that the device is having enough trouble reading vital signs.

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