Brand Exposure Opportunities

  • Each section of Insulin Nation can be sponsored
  • Ads can be placed adjacent to appropriate articles
  • Objective informational articles and supplemental material can be written about the features and benefits of your products and services
  • Co-branded and private-branded editions and publications can be created that focus on your key programs/offers, for use in wellness, lead generation, and retention

Distribution Channels

  • Insulin Nation is available at no cost to employees of self-insured companies and to customers of insurance and healthcare providers.
  • Co-branded editions of Insulin Nation can be created that include organization logos and messaging on the home page as well as organization-specific supplemental content.
  • Both the national edition and co-branded editions of Insulin Nation can be placed on corporate websites and emailed to employees/customers by companies, insurance providers, device manufacturers, diabetes suppliers, and pharmacies.


Custom promotion programs can be provided that include Insulin Nation spokespeople and can include full video and audio for your online and social marketing.


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