Study Finds Medtronic MiniMed 530G Prevents Hypos

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Medtronic is touting new data that shows its MiniMed 530G pump, which automatically suspends insulin delivery when blood sugar levels get too low, can prevent some bouts of hypoglycemia. While previous clinical trials resulted in similar findings, this study confirmed hypoglycemia reduction in a real world setting.

For the study, researchers pooled together data from over 20,000 MiniMed 530G users. The study gave users anonymity and allowed them to switch between enabling and disabling the Threshold Suspend feature at will. Most study participants chose, understandably, to use the feature. When Threshold Suspend was enabled, researchers observed that incidents of hypoglycemia were reduced by 69%, with a 73% reduction in nighttime hypoglycemia.

The Threshold Suspend feature allows pump users to suspend insulin delivery for up to two hours when a blood-glucose reading falls below a selected value and the user doesn’t respond to an alarm.

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