Metformin May Improve Vascular Health in T1D Adolescents

Cardio vascular disease is the leading cause of mortality in people with T1D.   This relates strongly to insulin resistance and both lean and obese T1D adolescents have marked insulin resistance.

Metformin is known to improve surrogate markers of insulin resistance in T1D.

The University of Colorado hypothesized that 1) T1D adolescents have impaired vascular function, and 2) metformin would improve their insulin resistance and vascular dysfunction.

They found:

T1D adolescents demonstrate insulin resistance and impaired vascular health vs. controls. Metformin improves IR, regardless of baseline BMI, and BMI, weight, fat mass, insulin dose, aortic and carotid health in T1D adolescents. Metformin may hold promise as a cardioprotective intervention in T1D.


Bjornstad P, Schäfer M, Truong U, et al.  Metformin improves insulin sensitivity and vascular health in youth with type 1 diabetes: A randomized control trial [published online September 27, 2018]. Circulation. doi: 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.118.035525

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