Medtronic Warns of 640G Pump Software Problem

A software problem has been detected in some Medtronic 640G pumps sold in international markets. However, that problem should not affect Medtronic pump users in the U.S. or Canada, as the 640G has not been released in these two countries.

In mid-February, some members of the diabetes community began sharing notices from Medtronic of a software problem that may prevent the internal battery of the 640G pump from charging. The notice states that if this problem occurs, a screen will appear with the following message: “Power error detected – 00:00 – 25. Delivery stopped. Record your settings by uploading to CareLink or write your settings on paper. See User Guide.” If users see this alarm, they should contact Medtronic’s Helpline immediately, and someone will assist them in troubleshooting or in ordering a replacement pump.

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Insulin Nation has been able to find this notice posted in Australia, New Zealand, and Denmark. Customers in other countries may be affected, as well. Medtronic spokeswoman Janet Kim says Medtronic pump users in the U.S. and Canada should not be impacted by this software error, and that those who were affected should already have received notice of the problem. There have been no reports of adverse effects connected to this software problem, Kim said. However, the notice said the error could interrupt insulin delivery, so it should be taken seriously.

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Medtronic elected not to release the 640G in the U.S. and Canada, instead releasing a similar-looking pump that lacked the 640G’s predictive technology (the 630G) and a partially automated insulin pump system (the 670G) with more advanced predictive technology. This isn’t the first issue with the 640G; in 2015, Medtronic warned 640G users that there were instances when the screen for suggested bolus levels did not refresh properly.

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