Glucose SOS: More Than Just a Hypoglycemia Treatment

Your emergency kit should include these small stable packets of glucose powder that absorb quickly in your mouth to rapidly boost blood sugar

Like many diabetics, my diet has changed significantly since my diagnosis. I do my best to select foods that will work to keep my body healthy, my blood sugars stable, and inflammation at bay. I avoid artificial chemicals and additives at all costs.

But one place it has always been surprisingly difficult to find a natural alternative is in the glucose tab market. Major companies that once offered all-natural, dye-free glucose supplements seem to be phasing them out. And some of the smaller companies with natural products appear to be struggling.

But one company is hoping to fill the niche. And do it with a product that tastes better and works faster than even the most popular glucose products on the market. Recently, I got a chance to learn more about Glucose SOS by speaking with the product’s inventor, Pamela Heyward (website).

What Makes Glucose SOS Different

Unlike most glucose products that come in tablet form, Glucose SOS is a powder. Not only do you not have to chew it or take it with water, but the unique form means that a large percentage of the glucose absorbs directly into the buccal mucosa and other mucous membranes in the mouth. This means your blood sugar will rise faster than it would with a product that has to be digested before it enters the bloodstream.

Of course, one of the most unique features of this product and one of the reasons I was so excited to learn about it is the fact that it is 100% natural. It’s made with just five simple ingredients: dextrose, malic acid, citric acid, tricalcium phosphate, and natural flavor.

But one of the most useful features that set this product apart from others, is the portability. The packets are small enough to fit into a pocket, meter pouch, or wallet and can be carried discreetly into concerts, sporting events, and other places where hauling around a bag of diabetes supplies would be difficult. And, because the powder won’t melt, freeze, or go stale if left in the car or a first aid kit, these packets make for the perfect emergency stash.

A Product Born of Necessity

The need for a product that was portable and storable was one of the reasons Pamela Heyward created Glucose SOS in the first place.

Despite not having any family history of diabetes, she ended up with two T1D daughters. Her first was diagnosed at just three years old. She remembers how hard it was to deal with a toddler with diabetes. Getting her to eat as much as she should and keeping to a strict schedule was difficult, to say the least. Thinking back, she says “I probably could have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.”

By the time her second daughter was diagnosed at the age of 12, she was an old pro at managing the disease. But that didn’t mean she didn’t see room for improvement. 

It was on a ski trip with her family that she first got the idea for Glucose SOS. They were standing in line for the gondola when she looked up at the peak above them. She thought to herself, “What can I do and what can I give them to assure they make it back down that mountain?” 

It wasn’t long after that day that Pamela got her first glucose powder into production.

Beyond Glucose Powder

One thing that became very clear to me while talking to Pamela about Glucose SOS is that her vision for the brand goes far beyond providing type 1 diabetics with an effective, all-natural hypoglycemia treatment.

What she really wants is to see a world where her daughters and the hundreds of other diabetics she’s met can be cured. She already donates a percentage of her profits to diabetes research and works with Joslin Diabetes Center to provide glucose packs to newly diagnosed patients. Her hope is that, as her business grows, she’ll be able to fund specific research that currently shows promise in regrowing islet cells.

For now, though, Pamela is doing what she can for her community. The company’s manufacturing facility in Brevard, North Carolina employs a number of special needs employees as well as those suffering from PTSD. And for her part, Pamela allocates much of her time to personally responding to all customer emails and connecting with others in the diabetic community. She has even created a line of glucose products to treat hypoglycemia in pets.

Glucose Powder is Worth a Try

I was excited about the prospect of trying out a new all-natural glucose supplement even before talking with Pamela. And I was even more excited after learning all I did about the company. And I have to tell you, I wasn’t disappointed when I finally got the chance to try Glucose SOS.

The kiwi-strawberry flavor has a great taste that’s not too sweet and far better than the artificial flavors used in most glucose tabs. The powder form does take some getting used to. I recommend following the instructions on the box and NOT dumping the whole sachet in your mouth at once. But it does seem to work faster than my typical go-to which is juice and its super convenient to carry around.

If you like the idea of a chemical-free hypoglycemia treatment that’s easy to transport, I definitely recommend giving Glucose SOS a try. You can order them online through, Amazon, and Walmart. Pamela is hoping to have them available at Kroger marketplaces soon, as well. 

And if you do like the product, you’ll be excited to learn that the company has big plans to unveil another unique glucose supplement soon: freeze-dried glucose tabs. These tabs will melt in your mouth much like the popular yogurt melt baby snacks, allowing glucose to absorb straight into your bloodstream without the need to chew.

I, for one, will be waiting eagerly to give these a try. They sound like the perfect thing to treat those pesky middle of the night lows.

Sara Seitz is a freelance writer specializing in blog, article, and content writing. She has had type 1 diabetes for ten years but has never let it stop her from living the life she wants. Lately, she has been busy figuring out how to manage her diabetes while raising a spirited toddler. Sara enjoys traveling, hiking and experimenting with food as a means to better health. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her husband, daughter and their pack of various pets.

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