Gestational DKA in Nepal

Basanta’s baby died and she shares her experience

We exchanged email with Basanta.  

“My name is Basanta. I am a 32-year-old woman.  I am in Nepal now. I would like to publish my article.

“Ten months ago everything was good and I am ready to deliver my new baby. I can remember it was the final week. Unfortunately one night I feel the baby’s movement changed. We decided to go to the hospital and the next morning we go to the hospital in Nepal. After hearing the heartbeat of the baby, the doctor decides to take me to operation theater (OT).  According to the doctor, my baby’s heartbeat is very low and delivery will be risky for both of us.

“They keep me at labor room four hours before OT. Finally, they decide to do the operation. After 3-4 hours in OT, I started to have difficulty breathing.  Everybody comes to see me. All the doctors are shocked. Nobody decides what to do. After all the reports, the doctor says everything ok but the baby’s movement is not.

“We are all just shocked.

“My newborn baby didn’t breath but we can see the heartbeat. Child doctor decides to keep baby in NICU (Neonatal ICU) and they use a respirator to pump breath into the baby.  

“After 40 minutes, they say the baby is no more … it was a bad time of us.

“I don’t know anything till that moment; my husband handles all the situation.

“At the same time, one of the doctors’ requests to check blood sugar and they check by portable device first but the report shows error on screen.   Then they take my blood to the lab. It was 560.  No one believes it can be right but they give me insulin and keep me in a post-operative ward with extra care.

“One of the doctors told my husband that, ‘it will be very hard to save your wife because of her DKA’. They gave him a form to sign again; the same form they take our signatures on before OT.

“I stayed more than 2 weeks in the hospital. According to the doctor, they hardly succeeded to give back my life.

“From that time I am suffering from T1 Diabetes.  I don’t know how I am still alive. My sugar level is still not in control even though I am taking insulin multiple times a day. Sometimes it is up to 520 and sometimes 200 to 300. I never know how to increase or decrease my sugar in my body.

“My HBA1C was 8.5  three months ago.

“Normal foods affect my sugar level.  I try to eat red meat but sometimes my sugar level is in control after taking red meat and sometimes it is not.  I try eating balanced foods and it goes very high or low; it surprises me. It just like a bad dream but not it’s happening to me in real life.

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