7 Stocking Gift Ideas for People with Type 1

In the festive spirit of giving, it’s truly the thought that counts. That being said, I’ve graciously received many diabetes-themed gifts that I either later donated to the others or to the trash bin. For example. sugar-free candy has been a popular Secret Santa present with my name on it. I was never a big fan of candy as a kid, and I didn’t feel deprived without it, so it usually sat around for months until my cat made a toy out of the wrappers.

While thoughtful gestures are always appreciated, here are some practical picks that people with diabetes may not be as inclined to re-gift:

iTunes gift card. There’s an app for that? Aside from the valuable lineup of free diabetes management apps out there, several paid apps offer more perks when it comes to data entry and advanced graphics. According to Healthline, the top-ranking paid diabetes apps of 2014 include Glucool and Diabetes Pilot.

Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) Sensors. Besides the hope and dream of a cure, my diabetic wish list includes universal coverage for insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring. Until then, a couple packs of CGM sensors in the stocking won’t get discreetly brushed off like a holiday fruitcake.

Thermal socks. A stocking isn’t quite complete without a token pair of socks. While diabetic socks have been a source of mockery akin to the ‘diabeetus’ meme, the fact is that our foot health is pretty vital. Consider a high-quality pair of comfy, padded, non-binding socks (they can still be jazzed up with festive snowmen and reindeer). If you have an athletic person with diabetes in your life, it’s all the more reason to throw in a pair of cushioned cross-training socks.

Intense hydrating hand cream. Ever since moving to a mountain town where Ol’ Man Winter trudges around for 6 months a year, I’ve come to dread the doomed encounter between finger-pricked calluses and blustery cold weather. Moisturizing is key.

Glucose tabs. These literal lifesavers are a purse-and-pocket staple in times of low blood sugar. For a healthier alternative to the neon orange tab variety, I personally recommend GlucoLift All-Natural glucose tablets. They were formulated by an individual living with Type 1 diabetes, so you can guarantee they don’t taste like chalk.

Whole foodie cookbooks. For someone who likes to cook with real food and skip the synthetic sweeteners, a healthy recipe guidebook could inspire some kitchen fun. When scoping out trendy “diabetic-friendly” cookbooks, look for an emphasis on complex carbohydrates and glossy images of mouth-watering dishes laid out on rustic wooden planks. Carb counts are invaluable in recipes, as well.

The new Nick Jonas album. Whether or not Kid Brother Jonas happens to be your jam, Nick is rocking the Type 1 diabetes advocacy stage. Some of his lyrics have even drawn on his own experiences with Type 1.

Peace on earth and functioning pancreases for all!

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Chelsey is currently a freelance writer and holistic nutrition student based in Whistler, Canada. She has contributed to publications such as MindBodyGreen, Trekity and tuja wellness. As a Team Diabetes marathon runner and JDRF advocate, her diabetes community roots run deep. Through her blog Miss Insulin, she shares healthy food for thought on thriving with the peaks and valleys of Type 1 diabetes.

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