Investors bet heavily on Automated Insulin Dosing

Major CGM and Pump companies are priced near record highs in the stock market. Investors seem to be forecasting that Automatic Insulin Dosing will be a huge financial windfall for these firms.


Strong 2018 Price Gains for CGMPump Firms

Tandem Diabetes secured FDA approval in June for the solution that couples its insulin pump with the Dexcom G6. It percentage stock price increase has led all other companies in the last year.

Shares in Dexcom Inc. skyrocketed 51.8% in August according to S&P Global Market Intelligence. Dexcom sales and earnings outpaced the expectations of industry watchers, and newly introduced products had a very positive outlook. Dexcom, the leading manufacturer of CGM, launched its latest CGM G6 late last year and delivered a market-moving second-quarter earnings report. The market increased its full-year sales guidance up from the values of about $860 million to $925 million.

Insulet and Eli Lilly & Co., are currently in late-stage studies of their systems which also rely upon Dexcom’s CGMs. Insulet currently manufactures the leading wearable, tubeless insulin pumps for diabetes. Although Insulet trails Medtronic and Tandem Diabetes, experts believe it could launch its Horizon solution as soon as 2020. Its highly popular Omnipod pump which is fixed directly on a patient’s skin avoid the need to have inconvenient tubes, and has become a top seller despite competition from already existing systems.

While Medtronic’s launched its Minimed 670G in 2016 and began the revolution in the intelligent automated control of blood glucose levels it’s stock has risen modestly compared to the other companies.  In part, this could be because Medtronic is such a large firm with many other products.


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