Bloodless Monitoring, Implantable Insulin, and More!

Accurate Laser BG Readings

shutterstock_70199134_woman_laser_200pxOver the years, there have been reports of researchers working on bloodless laser glucose monitoring, and each report ended with researchers saying they hope to improve accuracy of the laser device. Now there’s exciting news of a laser glucose monitor that is as accurate as home blood glucose monitoring kits.

Princeton researcher Claire Gmachl has announced that her laser glucose monitor meets FDA requirements for accuracy, putting it on par with monitor devices now on the market. Her team tested a new type of infrared laser on healthy volunteers to get their blood sugar readings before and after they ate 20 jellybeans; they also tested the volunteers with old-fashioned bloodletting, according to Medical News Today. The researchers found that the laser readings held their own with the blood samples in blood sugar accuracy.

The next step is to shrink the technology, as few people have the space in their homes for a laser lab.

Emergency Implantable Insulin?

Swiss university researchers have created an implantable device (for T1D mice) which can release insulin when diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) occurs. The device measures pH levels in the body, and releases insulin if those levels get too low, an indication of DKA. The researchers did warn, however, that it would take some time and development to get such a device up and running for humans, according to an article in medGadget.

Every Breath You Take,shutterstock_163860899_creepy_spy_200pxEvery Move You Make…

The FDA has approved a wearable device which will help doctors use a smart phone to monitor the vital signs of patients leaving the hospital, according to Fierce Medical Devices. HealthPatch MD is a small, wireless, wearable device which can transmit vital signs and monitor movement. It can measure heartbeat, respiratory rate, skin temperature, and movement. The device does not monitor blood glucose levels, however.

BG Monitor Adjusts for Cold and Colds

Two new blood glucose monitors are hitting the market that are reported to accurately factor in meteorological and physiological conditions to come up with your BG number. Nipro Diagnostics is trumpeting its True Metrix Self-monitoring blood glucose system and its True Metrix PRO Professional Monitoring blood glucose system for also allowing users to tag their readings to pre-meal and post-meal readings to see how different foods affect numbers.

Nipro’s CEO Scott Verner didn’t sound specifically excited about the tech attributes of the monitors in his press release, however, saying simply, “True Metrix is a valued addition to our growing portfolio of healthcare management products.” Um, thanks.

No Calibration Needed

shutterstock_214741408_bandaged_thumb_200pxAbbott has come up with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that doesn’t need to be calibrated twice a day. The FreeStyle Libre Flash just received approval to hit the market from European health regulators, according to Fierce Medical Devices. It is worn on the back of the arm, is about the size of a quarter, and is attached by a tiny filament. Once attached, it’s good for 14 days, according to the company.

Abbott’s device is the first CGM for sale that doesn’t require the twice-daily finger stick. Although Abbott officials say they are bringing the device to the US marketplace, they didn’t share their timeline for seeking FDA approval.

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