Quiz: How Patient Are You About Type 1 Diabetes Ignorance?

For fun, we’ve whipped up a quiz to determine your personality type when it comes to Type 1 diabetes ignorance. Answer the following questions to determine your level of patience in some awkward situations.

1. At Thanksgiving, your aunt slaps your hand when you reach for the stuffing and says, “You can’t eat that.” You:

a) …explain how you measure your insulin-to-carb ratio to prepare for a special meal.
b) …fix her with a dark look, take the stuffing anyway when she’s not looking, and then listen for gossip to share about her for future family gatherings.
c) …upend the table, shouting, “NOW NO ONE GETS ANY STUFFING!”

2. While ringing up your diabetes supplies, the pharmacy tech says, “You’re using too many test strips. You’re testing too much.” You:

a) …give a primer about how Type 1 diabetes varies from patient to patient, and how blood glucose control is a uniquely individual process.
b) …let out a prolonged sigh, pause, and then say, “I’ll keep that in mind.”
c) …loudly say, “Thank you, doctor!” and then turn to the next person in line and say, “I didn’t know they had an endocrinologist behind the counter.”

3. At work, someone notices you testing at your desk and asks you to do it in the bathroom. You:

a) …discuss your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
b) …keep an eye on your coworker and time a test or dosing during their next bathroom break.
c) …bring in fake blood capsules to use, then stumble over to their desk saying, “I hit a geyser. A little help?”

4. During a night out, a friend finishes off dessert and says, “Now I’ve got diabetes, too.” You:

a) …say, “I hope not” and then explain why.
b) …begin to seriously discuss insulin brand and pump options until they admit it was a joke.
c) …laugh much longer and much louder than anyone else in the room. Then, when everyone is quiet, wipe an imaginary tear from your eye say, “I’m glad my chronic condition could bring so much joy!”

5) While making a shopping list, you notice a housemate has eaten some of the candy you keep for lows. You:

a) …write “Don’t touch, medical supplies” on it and then talk with them about why you need the candy during the low.
b) …find a new spot to hide the candy and sneak a bite or two of some of their food next time you see something good.
c) …buy them the same candy and leave it on the counter with their name on it, as well as a note that says, “Since your need for munchies apparently outweighs my need to live.”

Add up your score:
All A answers are worth 5 points
All B answers are worth 10 points
All C answers are worth 15 points

If you scored 25-30 points on this quiz, you’re a TYPE 1 DIABETES SAINT.
Quit your job and sign up to lead seminars on Type 1 diabetes at local schools, jails, and hospitals. Include time for halo-polishing in your diabetes self-care routine.

If you scored 35-55 points, you’re NOT THE MOVIE-OF-THE-WEEK DIABETIC.
You help humanize Type 1 diabetes by reminding people there is a person behind the diagnosis. You leave furrowed brows in your wake, and people are reluctant to make diabetes jokes around you.

If you’ve scored 60-75 points, you’re a TAKE-NO-PRISONERS DIABETES ADVOCATE.
If you can stay out of jail, consider becoming a lobbyist for the Type 1 diabetes community. With your persistence and your complete disregard of social mores, you should be a success in Washington, DC.

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Craig Idlebrook is a past editor for Insulin Nation, Type 2 Nation, and Información Sobre Diabetes. He is now the community engagement and content manager for T1D Exchange.

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