Quiz: Is Your Partner Helpful With Your Type 1 Diabetes?

Is the one you’re with helpful when it comes to supporting you in your Type 1 diabetes self-care? Take this short quiz to see if your partner is going to raise or lower your A1C scores over the long haul.

1. You planned to order pizza with your partner, but you’ve been battling high blood sugars all day. You describe the problem and your partner…

a.  Hugs you, starts making a salad, and asks if you need anything.
b.  Says, “So you don’t want fried chicken dough crust?”
c.  Says, “Hahahaha, more for me then!”

2. You ask your partner to come along to your next endocrinologist visit. Your partner…

a.  Holds back tears and softly says, “I was waiting for you to ask.”
b.  Gulps once, nods, and says, “Can I leave the room if there’s going to be blood?”
c.  Says, “Only if we go to that naturopath who says he can cure you first.”

3. Things are getting steamy, but you say you have to check your blood sugar. Your partner…

a.  Uses the time to strew rose petals and discretely place a juice box on the   bedside table.
b.  Asks if this means it’s time to roll-play and if they can be “The Doctor.”
c.  Sighs loudly, flounces on the bed, and starts flicking channels.

4. Your pump battery alarm goes off in the middle of the night. You are awoken by your partner who…

a.  Is standing over you with every low supply you could possibly need.
b.  Is trying to get you to suggest search terms on WebMD for what to do.
c.  Has their pillow over their heads and asks if there is a mute button on that thing.

5. You have the chance to sign up for Insulin Nation’s free newsletter. You…

a.  “Wait, I thought this was just a quiz.”
b.  “Did my partner put you up to this?”
c.  “Well played. I’ll type in my email address below.”

Add up your score*
For questions 1 – 4…
All A answers are worth 4 points
All B answers are worth 8 points
All C answers are worth 12 points

If your partner scored 16 points to 24 points on this quiz, then they likely are KEEPERS.
There are a lot of imperfections you can overlook for someone who does a good job supporting you during a low.

If your partner scored 28 points to 36 points, they likely are a PROJECT.
May be sweet and dumb, or may just not be that engaged.

If your partner scored 40 point to 48 points, they likely are USED TEST STRIPS.
And you know what to do with used test strips.

*Please, please, please don’t use this quiz as actual relationship advice. We don’t want to be named in future divorce proceedings.

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Craig Idlebrook is a past editor for Insulin Nation, Type 2 Nation, and Información Sobre Diabetes. He is now the community engagement and content manager for T1D Exchange.

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