Half Full or Half Empty, the Glass is Full of Needles

Yes, you can do almost anything in life after a Type 1 diagnosis, but there are still some roadblocks in the way, and sometimes you have to adapt. This photo was sent in by Julie Uhey as part of our “Type 1 Diabetes Snapshot” series, along with this poignant paragraph:

“This is a photo of my son holding ‘just a few’ of the syringes that administer life-sustaining insulin to him. He was diagnosed at 15 in the middle of water polo season. He continued playing water polo throughout high school, and into college. He has many funny stories about the challenges of playing a water sport with Type 1, but that’s just mostly because he chooses to see the funny side of life.

As his mother, I know that Type 1 diabetes stole his lifelong dream to serve in the special forces in the military. He is 24 now, and has pursued new dreams, but ‘what if’ still lingers in his mind. I am so proud of him, and the way that he fights this disease every day by taking the best care of himself that he can, and continuing to dream new dreams. #weneedacure”

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