FL Teen Let Girlfriend Die From Diabetic Shock

Florida police recently charged a teenager with manslaughter after he failed to seek medical assistance for his girlfriend, when she entered into diabetic shock. Fabiolo Cosme-Feliciano died at 19 years of age in December, while she was visiting with her boyfriend, Yeshu Ramiriz. She had lived with Type 1 diabetes since the age of two. Her mother told another news outlet that the family had moved from Puerto Rico to Orlando so that she could receive better medical treatment.

According to authorities, Cosme-Feliciano had the life-saving medication with her, but it was never used. Her boyfriend left her unattended for several hours, while her condition worsened. When he returned to the residence, she was already dead. According to Osceola County Sheriff Major Jacob Ruiz, “Her life depended on [getting care] and he did nothing about it.”

After determining that Ramirez did have knowledge of her deteriorating condition and that he willfully chose to ignore the problem, authorities charged him with one count of manslaughter on February 15 of this year. He is being held at the Osceola County Jail without bond. There is no attorney listed on record, and he has not yet entered a plea. Apparently, just days after this arrest, the defendant was charged with another crime—attempted murder in a drive-by shooting. This was not connected to his girlfriend’s case.

The victim’s mother told a local newspaper, “I just cannot understand why someone left my baby like that. It’s like a nightmare and we have to wake up every day and realize it’s real.”

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