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My name is Susan Baumgartner, and I am writing a nonfiction, guided journal for people like me who live with Type 1 diabetes. The book is tentatively titled Dear Warriors. (You can read an excerpt here.) I am a huge believer in the idea that “we are stronger together” and would love for my book to showcase that thought. How? By including art and illustrations created by those with Type 1 diabetes.

I’m not looking for professional artists, and I am not looking for straight diabetes-themed art. Some images might overtly depict diabetes, but that’s not a requirement or the point. My essays include general thoughts about life, as well as topics that only those with this condition are likely to understand. From childbirth to hypoglycemia, from general anger to our need for loved ones’ support, there are both universal and specific topics. Therefore, I think the images that would best support these topics could include a broad range of styles and subjects.

I expect some images may send me back to the keyboard to revise or rewrite my essays. That’s part of the beauty. Our ideas grow over time and with connections.

I hope to include at least 10 illustrations plus cover art in my book of approximately 50 essays. If you wish to submit a PDF image file for review, please send it to with the following information:

Artist name
Artist preferred contact info
Artist age
Artist age at diagnosis
The title of the piece
A short description of the piece and your inspiration

For those 18 and under: I absolutely wish to see art from children! Please submit as a parent or guardian and note this in your submission.

Final image requirements to publish (set by printer, not for initial submission):
Resolution: 300 DPI or higher
Format: JPEG (JPEG Photoshop compression level with quality 10 or higher), or TIFF (use JPEG or lossless compression)

While I cannot provide money for your work, any images chosen will be clearly cited within my book, and I will post a page of artist biographies on my blog. In addition, you will receive 1 free copy of the book once it is published, shipping included. If self-published, as my prior book was, it will be available for purchase on after publication. You can view my current work on my main blog

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Susan Baumgartner was diagnosed with T1D in 1994 and moved to Wisconsin 4 years later with her husband and 3 cats. She is the author of a guided journal for teachers called Dear Teachers. She is currently working on a similar book for those with diabetes.

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