A Short Poem About Type 1 Diabetes

Cassandra G is 13-year old who has been living with T1D for three years. She wrote this poem about her experiences.

Waking up early morning, all you hear is the little girl yawning.
She does not get up to train for the Eagles, but instead she takes irritating needles.

When the sound of silence slaps her class at school,
her mashie goes off and that is not cool.
It goes off like a siren or a firearm,
which people thinks it is a phone with a wake-up alarm.
Sometimes she is too low then too high,
it is hard to control her sugar level, when it just can’t decide.

Waking up in the middle of the night, she wakes up to an open light.
Her mum gives her sugary food, at least that puts her in a good mood.

When she is high, she gets really mad,
She can’t control that, so she is sad.

But through all of this, she shines,
You bet she is one of a kind.
She is bruised, she is brave.
She can find her way through the darkest cave.

Just because she is different, she is still the same
And whoever puts her down, they are the one to blame.

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