Another Type 1 Holiday Tune

Earlier this month, we gave the song “White Christmas” a Type 1 diabetes makeover, with new lyrics dreaming of a new endocrinologist. When we posted that bit of holiday fluff, we challenged the Type 1 community to come up with their own diabetes-themed holiday songs.

One brave soul heeded our call, and found a way to substitute “Santa Claus” with a high-carb holiday favorite. Here’s how he did it:

“Here Comes Vichyssoise” (sung to the tune of “Here Comes Santa Claus”)

Here comes vichyssoise*
Here comes vichyssoise
Cream and taters again
Should I bolus so I can eat it
Or instead abstain?

Carbs are slinging,
Glucose swinging,
Can’t get my insulin right!
Hence my balking
At Christmas meals
For my fasting overnight.

John Dillon

*Vichyssoise is pronounced vee-shee-swahz.

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