“They told me I’d brought him in just in time.”

We regularly receive photos from people with Type 1 diabetes and the people who love them. This one came with a few paragraphs that moved us. We wanted to share it with you along with this photo.

Three years ago, I took my beautiful son to the hospital with a suspected kidney infection; I was worried at the time about using the emergency room for something so minor. They told me I’d brought him in just in time. With blood glucose levels in excess of 850 mg/dL, the doctors said he was lucky he wasn’t in a coma.

Ben was then diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I knew very little about the disease, but I knew enough to know it wasn’t good. I never could have imagined how it could affect every aspect of our lives. Only yesterday Ben fell unconscious, after having had perfect blood glucose levels only half an hour before. Last month he was home late and I found him in the street in a coma; an ambulance had to be called.

High and low blood sugar levels are a daily battle, but luckily not all of the battles are this extreme. The threat is always there, but Ben is doing a great job. According to his doctors he has great control; I’d hate to imagine what bad control looks like. I’m proud of how he deals with everything and doesn’t let it hold him back. I’d prefer to keep him safe in my pocket but I can’t. I have to trust that he can do this and keep control until a cure for Type 1 is found.

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