Students with T1D Benefit from School-Day Breaks

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A new Canadian study provided evidence that a school schedule might impact daily blood glucose control for children with Type 1 diabetes.

The study found that students with Type 1 diabetes who had three 45-minute breaks during the school day maintained better blood glucose control than those who received only two 45-minute breaks, according to a Healio report.

For the study, researchers placed 53 students with Type 1 on a school schedule with three 45-minute breaks and 64 students on the two-break schedule; the average age of the two groups was 11 years old and 10 years old, respectively. Benefits of the three 45-minute breaks also seemed to carry on far after when school let out, according to the follow-up research for the study; those on the three-break schedule had better daily blood glucose control and better A1C scores after summer vacation, as well.

Researcher Dr. Manpreet Doulla noted that the study was too limited to draw a causal relationship between the differing schedules and blood sugar levels. However, the results were enough for Dr. Doulla to suggest children on a schedule with two 45-minute breaks would benefit from having plans to help them find time during the day to better manage their Type 1 diabetes.

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