Five Ideas for Your Diabetes Charity

Thanks to the increasing prevalence of Type 1 diabetes worldwide, the charity groups raising funds for diabetes-related causes are on the rise. To stand out in this sphere, you should know how things work. Here are five ideas for succeeding as a diabetes charity:

Organize Fundraising Events

Fundraising events are a crucial activity in the work of diabetes charity organizations. Besides raising funds, such events help you to improve credibility in the local community, attract new donors, and strengthen relations with existing supporters. According to a study, more than 90% of fundraising event participants would consider supporting the same charity again. So think of these events as a chance to expand the base of loyal followers and ensure the long-term stability of your organization.

There are all sorts of interesting event ideas you can consider – from benefit walks and free testing to selling diabetes wristbands and low-sugar baked goods. In each case, you need to inform and entertain people, so they can find out more about the disease and decide to make donations.

Identify How Money Will Be Used

If you want to accumulate enough money for diabetes-related purposes, you need to tell people exactly where these funds will end up. Fundraising experts often say that scientific research is one of the best options because it gives donors the impression of contributing to the higher goal, such as a cure or a method of prevention. Such goals are not a one-time benefit, since they promise a future without diabetes. But scientific research toward a cure is not the be-all, end-all. Advocating to increase access and affordability are just as critical.

Communicate Effectively
Raising public awareness about your organization and its mission is a top priority. You can approach people using a variety of communication channels, but these are must-haves:

  • Website: You must have a well-designed website where users can find information about your events and activities.
  • Social media: With billions of users, social platforms allow you to reach global audiences almost instantly.
  • Email: This is the best option for one-on-one communication with your donors. A study revealed that the average one-time gift from email fundraising is $57, while a typical monthly gift is $20.

Consider Assisting Families

As a chronic condition, Type 1 diabetes can significantly affect a patient’s entire family. Consider targeting these individuals, rather than or in addition to those living with diabetes. You can assist families by educating on different topics such as the following:

  • How to look after the elderly with diabetes
  • Teaching kids how to run a normal life with this illness
  • How to tell people you have a diabetes
  • Supporting a diabetic partner

Organize Support Groups

Some patients want to meet their peers and talk about the problems they share. You can help them with this by organizing local support groups, which meet regularly (once a week or month) and exchange diabetes-related experiences. Individuals with diabetes often find the best support from people who share the same experience.

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