‘Beauty & the Beast’ Star Kickstarts Unlikely Teen Superhero Saga

Austin Basis, who is known among The CW Television Network (CW) fans for his long-running portrayal of the ingenious and comical J.T. Forbes on all four seasons of the sci-fi drama Beauty and the Beast, is looking to raise funds for a personal project spotlighting and empowering characters that have been traditionally sidelined in the entertainment industry’s massive, growing universe of comic book heroes. As a Type 1 Diabetic and celebrity ambassador for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and the American Diabetes Association (ADA), Basis’ step into the realm of sci-fi adventure is deeply rooted in a real world passion.

In Basis’ revealing Kickstarter video pitch for The KINETIX, an original comic book series featuring a group of four unlikely students with disabilities-turned-superheroes who protect the world from evil, he sits alongside 9-year-old Jackson, a witty young friend who also shares Type 1 Diabetes. With actual KINETIX comic books and insulin pumps in hand, the two compare athletic prowess and good looks (Jackson wins here), talk about the action-packed series, and connect on the idea that “what makes us different, makes us special.” This is the main theme behind this new project for the actor/producer, who has been delicately crafting the anticipated saga with creative partners at Behind the Bag! Productions, Dave Maulbeck and Josh Taub.

Intertwined with Basis’ on-camera hang is a professionally animated look, created solely by Maulbeck, showcasing what audiences can expect from the first four issues of The KINETIX, and perhaps what a TV show or web series could look like down the road.

Viewers will also get to meet The Kinetix superheroes:

Joules Joyner: a gymnast born without legs, she becomes DEADLIFT, with arms more powerful than a rocket engine!

Bobby Byers: a jock with Type 1 Diabetes, his special insulin pump electrifies his body, turning him into the evil-fighting cyborg CYABETES (modeled after Basis).

Rosario Richter: an Instagram model unable to hear or speak, she transforms into AFTERSHOCK with a Vibration Force that lets her soar circles around the sinister!

Daryl Dennis: as an extremely talented artist with Autism, his full potential is unleashed as BRAINSTORM, giving him the ability to project anything he can imagine into the earthly realm!

Throughout Basis’ comic book series, all four superheroes are secretly guided by guru/professor, Dr. Jamarcus Guttles, to transform their perceived weaknesses into their greatest strengths.

Help Basis, Maulbeck, and Taub finally tell a story that reaches beyond conventional stereotypes. Starting at $5.00 for a single comic (or $15.00 for all four) interested parties can select from up to NINE different donation tiers that include rewards such as autographs, meet-and-greets, gala invites, and the possibility of having actual comic book characters created in their likeness!

“I could not be more excited to finally get one of my most personal passion projects off the ground,” says Basis. “The three of us have been looking for a way to uncover the true empowerment that can even come with life’s most daunting challenges. Now, through this incredible team of young superheroes, we can share our vision with the world.”

Click the link below and head straight to ‘The KINETIX’ campaign on Kickstarter.

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After graduating The Actors Studio Drama School, Austin Basis became a lifetime member of The Actors Studio. He spent 3 years doing theatre, film, TV, improve, and sketch comedy in New York before moving to Los Angeles. Austin has made a home at The CW with shows like “Beauty and the Beast,” “Life Unexpected,” and “Supernatural.” He has appeared in many other shows and films, including “J. Edgar,” “The Other End of the Line,” “My Sassy Girl,” and “American Zombie.”

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