A Clothing Line for Those with Type 1 Diabetes

There are many in the Type 1 community who have created gear to help others with diabetes. From time to time, we will feature snapshots of Type 1-based businesses for our “Type 1 entrepreneurs” series.

Erin Murray felt isolated after her diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes seven years ago, as people around her did not seem to understand the challenges that come with the condition. To fight this isolation, Murray decided to create her own apparel company for others with Type 1.

She launched TYP.1 in June 2015. The TYP.1 logo is featured, along with the word “overcome”, on the company’s shirts, sweatshirts, beanies, and stickers. It’s a simple design, but just eye-catching enough to start up a conversation. In an email interview, Murray described her motivation for creating her company as a way “to give people who felt alone…a brand to be proud of and show the world that they are strong and can overcome all the obstacles Type 1 diabetes throws their way.”

Murray and co-owner Paige Mitterhoff, who does not have Type 1, donate monthly to JDRF and attend diabetes events as a way to connect with others in the diabetes community. You can see more by clicking here.

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