5 Stories on Teenagehood and Type 1

It’s tricky during your child’s teenage years to strike the right balance between parenting and letting go. This is especially true when the teenager in your life has Type 1 diabetes.

Endocrinologists have come to understand that the teenage years are a critical period for a young person with Type 1 to establish good daily diabetes self-care. This means that it’s critical to give teens the space to make their own choices, and mistakes, in their blood sugar management. Any parent of a teenager will tell you, however, that allowing teens to make their own decisions can be a cringeworthy experience. It’s hard to know when to step in and when to let things play out during your teen’s day-to-day diabetes management.

Here are five different perspectives on teenagehood with Type 1 diabetes, from parents of teens with Type 1 and the teens themselves.

shutterstock_216149512_daughter_parents_cooking_260pxHow to Establish T1D Boundaries with Parents
A guide for older teens with Type 1 on establishing healthy boundaries with parents.
shutterstock_151882787_nosy_parents_260pxWhy My Family Doesn’t Use Nightscout
A family chooses not to track their teen’s every blood sugar reading.
shutterstock_153278603_group_teenage_girls_260pxTeens Try Artificial Pancreases at Home
Teens may have a leg up on adults when it comes to new diabetes technology.
shutterstock_208625368_Boy_at_camp_260pxToo Old for Diabetes Summer Camp?
What happens when a teen boy gets put into the wrong age group at diabetes summer camp?
shutterstock_208625368_Choosing_Food_260pxConfessions of a Teenage T1 Wallflower
That special moment in a teen’s life when he’s not allowed to eat what his friends eat at a party.

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