Beverly S. Adler

"Dr. Bev", as she is known, specializes in treating the emotional issues of patients with diabetes, drawing on her experience of living with Type 1 diabetes for the past 39 years. She is author/editor of My Sweet Life: Successful Women with Diabetes and editor of My Sweet Life: Successful Men with Diabetes. For further information, please visit her website at
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10 Consejos Para Mantenerse Saludable con Tipo 1

Consejo de un educador de diabetes.

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10 Tips to Stay Healthy with Type 1

A Type 1 psychologist shares 7 guidelines from certified diabetes educators, as well as 3 mental tips of her own.

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The Myth of Perfect BG Control

If you try too hard to get all the right blood glucose numbers, you might be setting yourself up for…

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