Writer Guidelines

If you think you have a unique story to share with the Type 1 community, please send it to submissions@selfrx.com. Include a short paragraph describing the story you want to write.

Some general guidelines:

  • Stories should range between 400-900 words.
  • All writing should be original and unpublished, unless agreed upon by editor and author. If you gather information from another source, you MUST CITE THAT SOURCE.
  • Humor, frustration, strong opinions are all okay.
  • If you are tackling a big subject, it’s best to make it personal and specific. For example, don’t pitch a story on how Type 1 diabetes doesn’t have to hold anyone back, talk about how you have worked to accomplish a specific thing while staying healthy.
  • While we often find solace in sharing the first moments of a Type 1 diagnosis, it might be best to consider other subject matter.
  • Read Insulin Nation regularly to get a feel of the website’s style.
  • While all stories have value, not all stories will find a home on Insulin Nation.
  • There is no compensation for being published on Insulin Nation.
  • All stories will be edited for clarity and length.

Disclaimer – Because Insulin Nation’s mission is to deliver news and feature stories on research, therapy, and living well, we hold ourselves to standards which require us to publish accurate and authoritative information. Our standards require us not only to note the qualifications of our guest writers, which we do in a brief author bio accompanying each article,  but to disclose in clearest terms the existence of any business or commercial relationship a writer may have, whether compensated or not, with any research organization, treatment facility, health care financing agency, maker of or merchant in pharmaceuticals or devices, or professional organization of diabetes care providers. When you send your query e-mail, please inform us of your writing credentials and of any present, past, or contemplated business relationships. We must reserve the right to decline any submission not accompanied by information satisfactory, in our judgement, to establish the writer’s authority and make any necessary disclosures of interest to our readers.

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